What if you could know
what your animal friends
are thinking and feeling?

You can.

Telepathy, or feeling (pathy) across a distance (tele), is a way to bridge the separation
between you and another being.

It is a natural gift inherent in all living things,
expanded version of our basic capacity to feel.
Telepathic communication is what I do and teach.
animal communication sharon loy
I translate for you what your
animal friends think and feel.

And I communicate back to them your point of view, solving all kinds of problems —
everything from aggression to litterbox issues, to health problems, and lost animals.

Or, I telepathically connect with you.

— all aspects of you, including the larger parts of you waiting to shine.
This can help you navigate important life decisions, and bring
a bigger vision for who you can be in the world.

Better yet, I teach you how to
awaken your own telepathic ability,

helping you connect to any animal you wish, learning how to receive and send
telepathic information with clarity and specificity.

So much is possible.

Harmonize your relationships, deepen your connection.

Understand your animal friends,
find solutions.

Let go of confusion,
embrace clarity.

Reserve your session today,
Animal Communication
and join me on this amazing journey-

one that will resolve problems with your animal friends,
deepen your understanding of yourself,
and awaken your connectedness to all beings.


“I was expecting answers to questions about my dog’s behavior and health problems, and I got that and so much more! Sharon’s ability spans so many levels: Yoda no longer wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I now have a better idea of how to help improve her appetite. Plus, my husband and I were so touched to learn how Yoda perceives her roles in each of our lives. We feel so much closer to our dog now. I didn’t think that was even possible, but it is!”

 Deborah H. Phoeniz, AZ

“Wow, I am still reeling from our session. You were so spot on, you knew what questions I had before I even asked them. And I feel like I have more choices now, I can see more of what’s happening for me and things are not so either/or. I have to say, I have had several other readings, one with a nationally known intuitive, and yours takes the cake!”

F.C. Philadelphia, PA

“Sharon is a pioneer in her field and the best animal communicator I have experienced since Penelope Smith. She not only taught me and my daughter animal communication and made it feel easy, but has helped us resolve a number of major problems with our animals. I recommend her whole-heartedly.”

Gretchen M. Briones, CA